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Reverend Dr. Robert Hickey

Studied at The First Spiritualist Church of Salem Massachusetts and The Swampscott Spiritualist Church in Swampscott, Massachusetts both members of The National association of Spiritualist Churches of Lily Dale New York.

There he earned his Doctorate of the Philosophy of Ancient and Modern Spiritualism, he developed his Spiritual Mediumship in communicating with the Spirit world, he has developed Psychology, Independent writing, automatic writing Healing through the laying on of hands, Transfiguration. He also obtained his ordination of Reverend in 1978. In 1982 he became co-Pastor of The Guiding Star Spiritualist Church of Bangor Maine. He left the Guiding Star Spiritualist Church starting his own Independent Church, the Clearwater Spiritualist Church in July of 1992.

He is an accomplished spiritual healer and teacher. Reverend Dr. Robert Hickey

Has been a public speaker for over 40 years and has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals helping them find peace and joy in their lives. He does this by helping people through his Spirit Guides to learn how to develop their own Spiritual gift. He is just an instrument that the Spirit world uses to communicate and guide the people on this plane. He uses this as a source of looking from an inside soul perspective. Doing this he goes through his Spiritual Guides to help people overcome their fears and as a result his clients find balance, peace, joy and true sublime self love. Reverend Dr. Robert Hickey is a Reiki Master, healing instructor and Life coach. He also teaches how to remove negative energy from within oneself through Reiki Painting. He has served as a keynote speaker in both the spiritual and non-spiritual worlds for expos, colleges, professional conferences and just the small workshop in a living room.


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